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Monday, November 29, 2010

Malayalam Movie Chocolate Download Links with Subtitles

Part I -

Part II -

The movie is split in to two parts. for joining the parts use hj split

Hjsplit -

Movie synopsis

With Prithviraj playing the Casanova, director Shafi’s offering Chocolate — with its sweet smelling aroma is indeed delicious. Easy on the eyes, soft on the ears, this pure comedy entertainer, which centers on a gallivanting gadabout, being the lone male in an all women’s college, is chock-a-block with hilarity as Prithiviraj plays protagonist Shyam to the hilt. Playing perfect foil to him are Roma, Samvrutha Sunil and Remya Nabeeshan as Ann, Nandana and Susanna - the trio who are against a male entering into their kingdom. 

Download and enjoy the movie

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